Proof Selection Process

This is the selection process used by Enrique Romero Photography, LLC:

1. I go thru all the images taken during the photo shoot and delete anything that is not workable, i.e. too bright, too dark, blinking, funny faces, etc.

2. I place a Proof logo on the image and upload them to Dropbox.  PROOFS can not be posted on Social Media, they are provided to the model for the selection process ONLY!

3. I then send the Model the Dropbox link for her to access.

4. The model needs to go thru the proofs, chooses 10 images and send me the numbers which are found at the top and bottom inside the picture.


5. Once I receive the model’s choices, via either email or text; I go back and look thru the images the model did not choose and if there are any other images I like I will send them back to model for her review.

6. If the model agrees with my choices, I will then send both her choices and mine to the retoucher for retouching work.  If there are any images I liked which she does not like I will delete those images and they will not be send to be retouched.

7. IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Once both the model and I agree on the images, those and only those images which have been retouched will be used for publication on LIVE YOUR DREAM MODEL PRODUCTION publications and any other publications I receive request for the model to be published in.  

8. Once the retouching is done, I upload them back into Dropbox for the model to download ALL of the images that have been retouched.  Once the model downloads them, she is expected to advise me so I can delete them from Dropbox.

9. Once the model downloads the images she is free to use the images for her portfolio, website or social media. As agreed in the Release Form, when my images are published in any format my logo needs to be visible. 

10.  When another publication sends me a request advising me they are interested in publishing the model, I will advise the model of the publication's interest so he/she can review the publication and let me know if he/she is interested in being published in that publication.  Sometimes models ask me "which images are you going to send?"  The images I will be sending are the images we both agreed on and have been retouched.  With all due respect, I do not have the time to be sending models the numbers of the images I will be sending to the publications.  I send them to the publication as favor to the model so she can be published.  That being said, make sure you are 100% in agreement with the images that will be sent to be retouched.  Once they are retouched, they might be sent to a publication.