1. Within two days after the shoot I will go through the pictures taken during the shoot and I delete any “non workable” images. I deem those to be pictures that are too bright, too dark, blurred, funny faces, blinking, etc.

  2. Then I divide them into different folders, such as BIUSA (Bikini Inc USA Magazine), EA (Enchanted Angelz Magazine), ID (Intense Desire Magazine), etc.

  3. I then insert the picture files numbers on the corners of the picture and a PROOF logo in the Center of the picture.

  4. I proceed to place them in Dropbox and send you and email with the link to view the images.

  5. THESE ARE PROOFS. They have not been retouched at all. If you are looking at them, they can be corrected for stomach, blemishes, etc.

  6. Each folder has a number of images you are to select. If there are not images you like to select the number placed on the folder, that is fine, don’t select them.

  7. If you select more than the number of selections assigned to the folder, I will look at your selections and narrow them down. I do that because I am paying for the images to be retouched professionally. If you choose to select more than the number assigned and you wish to keep them I will send you an invoice to cover the extra retouching cost ($5 per image)

  8. Once you send me the number, ONLY THE NUMBER (for example: the file number might say XY01_ERP_002 . All I need is 002). Once you have made your selections I will look at the pictures you have not selected and select any I like.

  9. I will respect your choices, and I expect you to respect my choices.

  10. All of the selected images will be sent to the professional retoucher for retouching.

  11. Once I get them, I will check them and if they meet my standard, I will put the Enrique Romero Photography logo on them and send them to you via Dropbox. If they do not meet retouching expectation, I will send them back to the retoucher for correction.

  12. You can post them anywhere as long as soon as you get them.. You can submit them to other publications (as long as I get a release form from that publication).