What do models that are NEW MODELS need to know about POSING?

These are sample poses for your Photo Shoot.  I have decided to build this page so you can review these poses, make selections and (for the models who will be shooting for the first time) have time to practice at home.  Some of these pose galleries might not apply to your particular shoot, if that is the case, just ignore them.  Find the gallery that contains poses like you will be doing in your shoot, some of the poses you might like more than others, and that is perfectly fine; I will make sure you only do the poses you like and feel comfortable with.

Believe me, PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES FOR PERFECT SHOTS.  Stand in front of a mirror and practice, do it alone, practice the poses until they feel comfortable.  Look at yourself in the mirror so you see what the lens will be capturing.  PRACTICE... PRACTICE... PRACTICE...  If professional athletes practice and they make millions of dollars, why would anyone model think they can stand in front of a camera without practicing.  Perfection does not come naturally, perfection and beauty is created!

Here are the basics for Boudoir Photo Shoots: Fully covered, Implied, Nude.


Most new models love to practice their posing at home prior to the shoot.  I have gathered several Modeling Posing Tips videos from YouTube you might find interesting.

Remember the old saying.. "Practice Make Perfect!!", well that is actually wrong.. I have spent a lot of years in entertainment and the correct saying is "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect".  So go at it!

Maternity:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=262UpkW8XHM&feature=related