Photo Shoot HEADS UP

Sometimes models forget that preparing for a photo shoot is a little different than preparing to go out to a night on the town.  Yes, when ladies go out to party they put on make up, fix their hair, get dressed etc.. however, when you are getting in front of the lights and a camera the preparations are a little different.  I am sure just like I, you want the final product of your photo shoot to be of professional quality.  So I decided to put this HEADS UP list together for you as you prepare on the day of your photo shoot.

* WATCH YOUR POSTURE.  It is important to make sure you always have the best posture when posing.  Straight back, chest out, butt out, tummy in, etc.  When sitting make sure you are as straight as possible so you wont have "tummy rolls".  When turning around to look at the camera, when possible cover "back rolls" with your arm or hand.

* DO YOUR NAILS, both hand and feet.  You do not need to have them done professionally if money is tight.  Do them yourself, but make sure you have some nice nail polish on.  It makes the images look more professional.

* Wear CLEAR DEODORANT, white based deodorant will show on the pictures.

* If you are applying your own MAKEUP, DON'T GO OVERBOARD.  Yes, go a little on the heavy side to compensate for the lights.. but don't go crazy.

* SHAVE CLOSELY any part of the body that will be seen by the lens, that includes facial hair, under your arms, and private parts. If you are doing a nude shoot and you leave some hair in your private parts, make sure its neat.

* After you shower the day of the photo shoot, put on some LOTION your body so it looks smooth and shiny.

* This is sort of gross, but I have to say it.  BLOW YOUR NOSE, before the photo shoot.  Nothing else needs to be said about this.

* Make sure the BOTTOM OF YOUR FEET are CLEANED.

* Make sure the CLOTHES for your photo shoot are IRONED.  Do not show up to a photo shoot with wrinkled clothes.  When models begin to show me what outfits they brought for the photo shoot and take dresses, cotton blouses, and skirts out of their purse... I tremble.  You will be surprised what I have seen...

* Most models do not like to eat before the photo shoot, so their stomach won't poke out.  However, please EAT SOMETHING.  I do not like to shoot swaying or faiting models.