For anyone wishing to get into modeling, professional images are essential. They represent your appearance and experience, so using snapshots or webcam shots simply isn't good enough. Prospective employers expect to see a variety of photos in your portfolio. If you price this work, you will find it costs $300 and up for professional session. It takes several sessions to build a portfolio. E.g., head shots, swimwear, lingerie, fashion, etc. The alternative to spending thousands of dollars for a portfolio is to TF (TRADE FOR) photo shoots. The model gets images and the rights to use them for self-promotion.  Any images a photographer takes, by law are his and have his copyright.

There is a common misconception that TF is "working for free."   This is not the case.   A photographer usually invests thousands of dollars in equipment and spends time taking and retouching the pictures, finding locations, etc. For every hour a model spends, a photographer spends two or three to complete the work.  There is a significant cost involved with producing good images. TF work is a trade deal where both the photographer and model get the work and the images they need.

To make it simple:  The model provides his/her time to pose as a model in various themes or poses.  The photographer then shoots and processes the shots and in return for the model's time the photographer gives the model permission to us the images he retouches as agreed on Publication Model Release Form.

Even though I do not do as many TF photo shoots as I used to due to my busy publication schedule, I am usually willing to do TF shoots. The number one reason is that I enjoy photography. Second, I like helping beginners get started. Third, it is a way for me to find models that I might use for a future project. I often will trade portfolio work in exchange for work on an artistic project of my own.

The model's input on TF shoots is important. After all, it is her/his portfolio, and I want her/him to be happy with it. I am flexible on the style for these shoots.

Though I do shoot artistic nudes work (most photographers do), if I know that you don't want to shoot artistic nudes I won't ask. It is not a requirement and I don't believe that anyone should take pictures they will be unhappy with. For those that are interested in doing nudes (over 18 only), my style is pretty much what you see on this site, glamour nude only. If you are not relaxed the result won't be good, so I do not want to waste your time or mine.