Can a model bring an ESCORT/S to a photo shoot? 

If this is your first photo shoot, I would strongly recommend you contact any of the models I have worked with (which you can find on Facebook, Instagram, or Model Mayhem – all under Enrique Romero Photography) and ask for references. Then come to your first photo shoot by yourself.  I have found that escorts, whether mothers, boyfriends, husbands, friends, rides, etc., are a distraction as well as, making the new models feel uncomfortable and self-coscious.

Minors are required to bring one of their PARENTS or GUARDIAN to the photo shoot.  One of the PARENTS or GUARDIAN needs to sign the Photo Shoot Release Form. A friend, neighbor, people who drives the minor to the shoot, etc. are not allowed to give permission to the minor to do a photo shoot, sorry but that is the law. Taking pictures of a minor without parental or guardian consent is against the law. 

Most of the time models want to bring an escort for security purposes, which if you have no way to find out about the photographer you are going to be working with it is very wise.  However, you can find out about me thru ANY of the models I have worked with.  Also, security goes both ways, my security is also important.  There have been instances models have showed up with several people to the photo shoot.  I have lots of equipment on my photo shoots and I need to protect myself and my equipment also.

If you have any questions, please contact me.