What happens if a model CANCELS at the LAST MINUTE?

Both of our times is very important.  As soon as the Model finds out there is a possibility they might need to cancel, please contact me by phone or email.  If you let me know in advance we can reschedule for another time and save both of our worries and concerns. 

The worst thing to do is wait to the last minute and cancel.  When you do that, I can not schedule another model for that shoot and both of our times are waisted.

If a model cancels at the last minute, more likely than not, I will not reschedule the shoot.  Emergencies happen, emergencies like car brakes down, your child gets sick, you wake up with the flu, etc.  I do not call an emergency you staying out late the night before our scheduled photo shoot and being too tired to show up to the photo shoot.

If I happen to reschedule a non emergency cancellation, I expect the model to reimburse me for the following:

  • If I showed up to the photo shoot venue and you did not, I expect to be paid for my time and travel expenses of the photo shoot you cancelled ($75).
  • If I showed up to the photo shoot venue and you did not and I incurred hotel rental expenses, I expect to be reimbursed what I paid for the hotel, my time and travel expenses for the photo shoot you cancelled ($175.00).

The best advise I can offer you is to be professional and plan for the photo shoot.  If you plan the likelihood of emergencies happening are less. 

 Plan your work and work your plan!!!