What are Enrique's Photo Shoot TF (No Fee) Expectations?

I have learned that a Photo Shoot only goes smoothly if both parties, Model and Photographer, are clear on the Photo Shoot expectations. Here is a list of things you can expect from me and things I expect from the model.  I know some of my statements in this document are strong and I should not even have to state them, however, I have found I have to.  I only want to work with serious models.  Those who take pride in their work and value good work.  I have weight every statement carefully and I mean each statement 100%.

I do very few TF (No Fee) Photo Shoots because my schedule is very busy.  When I schedule a TF Photo Shoot with you, I set aside time out of my work schedule for you.  If you are serious about building your modeling career, you need to take photo shoots as if it was work.  Be business like about it, respond to messages on a timely manner, show up on time and be prepared. If you do not do so, NO ONE will take you serious.  When I schedule your photo shoot it is time I take out of my schedule which costs me revenue.  So it is important to know my expectations so we have a clear understanding and our work together runs smoothly.


  • I will confirm the Photo Shoot a couple of days prior to the shoot, to ensure all is as scheduled.
  • I will be at the venue early and ready to start taking pictures at the agreed time. 
  • I will check the ID of all models, to verify age.
  • I will take lots of pictures during the Photo Shoot, my philosophy is that it is better to have more images than necessary than to be limited by having a few.
  • I will leave you a tag after the Photo Shoot so the MM community knows about your creativity, talent and professionalism. 


  • When I send you a text, Facebook message, or email relating to our photo shoot, I expect you to get back to me within 72 hours (3 days).  If I do not hear from you within that time, I will assume you are not serious about your modeling or our photo shoot.
  • When I send you my phone number and ask you to call me back to discuss your photo shoot, if you do not get back to me within 72 hour (3 days), I will assume you are not serious about your modeling or our photo shoot.