A Coversation between a Model and a Photographer

Model:  I looked at your portfolio and like your work.  I would like to do a photo shoot.
Photographer:  Oh thank you.  When are you interested in doing the photo shoot

Model:  I'm open.
Photographer:  Have you looked at my rates on my website?

Model:  Oh, I don't pay for photo shoots.  I'm a Professional Model.  
Photographer:  Oh.  I'm a Professional Photographer.  I don't pay for shoots.

Model:  Why should I pay you?
Photographer:  You started this conversation saying you looked at my portfolio and liked my work.  The operative word there was "work"  Photography is my job.  I you are looking for free shoots, you need to look at photographers who are beginning their careers and need to practice.

Model:  But I'm a Professional Model.  Why should I pay you?
Photographer:  Because I am a Professional Photographer.  I get paid for taking pictures.  That is how I make a living.    

Model:  Hmmm  I don't get it.
Photographer:  if you don't get it, then you really are not a Professional Model.

The Moral Of The Story:  As my father used to say... You get what you pay for....