Can a model bring an ESCORT/S to a photo shoot?

I do not allow escorts to a photo shoot.  I have found that escorts, whether mothers, boyfriends, husbands, friends, rides, etc., are a distraction and make the models feel uncomfortable. 

However, there is one type of photo shoots I allow escorts to be present: Photo Shoots involving Minors.   I do not do any photo shoots with minors unless a PARENT or GUARDIAN is present.  The PARENT OR GUARDIAN needs to sign the Model Release Form, a friends, best friends, neighbors, people who drive you to the shoot, etc. will not be considered a substitute.  A PARENT or GUARDIAN need to be present at the photo shoot.

If this is the first time you work with me I would strongly suggest you contact any or as many of the models I have worked with and ask them about my professionalism and work ethics. You can find them here:
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